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ONT Farm Market News PM Livestock Summary for September 21 Here is the Country Auction Report as collected by the Beef Farmers of Ontario Thursday. FED CATTLE: There were 918 head on offer at OLEX and Brussels. At OLEX, fed steers and heifers sold actively at prices $1.00 per cwt higher. Cows sold at steady prices. At Brussels, veal sold actively at prices $3.00- $5.00 higher. Large Steers:$236.00 - $240.00 Medium Steers:$234.00 - $239.50 Large Heifers:$236.00 - $240.00 Medium Heifers:$234.00 - $239.50 Cows:$128.00 - $155.00 Veal over 450 lbs:$235.00 - $267.00 * REPLACEMENT CATTLE: There were 960 head on offer at the Ontario Stockyards. A medium quality offering of calves sold steady. Large & Medium Steers over 900 lbs:$275.62 - $294.25 Large & Medium Steers 700-800 lbs:$323.00 - $369.00 Large & Medium Steers 500-600 lbs:$382.50 - $462.00 Large & Medium Heifers over 800 lbs:$246.73 - $276.90 Large & Medium Heifers 600-700 lbs:$270.00 - $319.00 Large & Medium Heifers 500-600 lbs:$285.00 - $370.00 From the Beef Farmers of Ontario, the Rail Grade Report. Prices are on carcass weight basis, before grade and weight discounts. Steers: $395.00 - $395.00 Heifers: $394.00 - $394.00 *From Ontario Pork: *Quebec's average price on Wednesday was $214.15 per ckg D.W. 100 index. *The previous markets day's CME Constructed (201) price was $87.05 U.S. per cwt. D.W. *Compared to the previous day this was up $0.77
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