At AgHeritage FCS, we know that agriculture doesn’t look the same for everyone and that Arkansas is a widely diverse state. And, we are proud to offer lending to all types and sizes of agricultural operations.

It’s a part of who you are…you are a farmer, an American farmer. You’ve chosen a life not only rich in heritage, but also a life that is experiencing tremendous change and growth. You need a lender who has stood behind generations of farmers and r
Though you may not be making a career in agriculture, we know that farming part-time is important to your way of life.
Getting started in farming brings many challenges. But finding a lender who can help doesn’t have to be one of them.
No one understands the cycles of farming and how they can affect your business better than AgHeritage Farm Credit Services. Talk to us about how an operating loan can give you the financial freedom to respond to changing conditions.
One size doesn’t “fit all” when it comes to the financing needs of the timber industry.  AgHeritage Farm Credit Services understands the different needs of the hauler, logger, or mill owner.
Poultry Operations 
Whether driving to the fields, baling hay, picking cotton or harvesting rice, you need the right equipment to do the job. And, AgHeritage Farm Credit Services can help you finance that equipment.
Variable Rate Loans. A variable rate loan will generally offer you the lowest interest rate available at any point in time.